The Eclectic Living Room


Budget Decorating

Sunshine Yellow is like a fresh breath of air.

Chai glass candles

Generous use of Colors

Antique teak wood sofa and chairs

Most of the furniture is from Used furniture shops or Antique furniture shops. If you have the time and patience, you will be surprised.

Antique Alarm clock

Books are multinational. If you are not reading them, display them on a book shelf and they can look pretty.

Antique rosewood planters chair

You can never go wrong with a planters chair in your living room.

Antique Teakwood bench

Living spaces need to look lived in.

Paper Lamps and Ganesh candle holder

Interesting decorative pieces in every corner.

Brass Buddha

Some warm golden glow in a corner.

Coffee table decor

Some DIY on the coffee table.

Styling a coffee table

Interesting patterns and materials on the coffee table.