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Good Riddance 2016, Hello 2017

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2016 has been a terrible year for all I hear. For me it’s been a freakishly crazy topsy Turvy time. The year started on a stressful note, had me taking a break for a while, resolved to take it slow and even before I knew I was 200% busier than before. I pushed my limits, took a hit on my health, almost lost my mind and was contemplating selling everything I own and moving to the mountains. Even on the very last day of the year, when I was all set to put my feet up and relax, my house help dint show up, I had guests to entertain and I ended up doing all the cooking and dishes. Thats how bad 2016 was.

On the positive side, I met some interesting people, did some challenging work, had some meaningful collaboration, stood my ground, preserved my sanity, proved a lot of people wrong, held my family tighter and had some beautiful days that I wouldn’t trade for a fortune.

While the world is going crazy, I see that 2017 is going to be a promising year for me and my country. (I am hopelessly optimistic most of the time) there was no one word to define 2016, I don’t want to let 2017 decide what it’s going to be like. I want to have a word or a few words for the year. 

So, right at the beginning of the year, I am deciding how I want my year to be. My words for the year are going “CRUSADE. BE!“.

Crusade (Take part, push through, battle, struggle, drive), through everything, good, bad, difficult. Everything! Whatever life throws at it, I am going to accept it graciously and crusade through.

Why “BE”?. Sometimes when tricky situations turn up, you stop being yourself. You doubt your abilities, your intuition and sometimes even the choices that you made. So the “BE” is going to be a note to self, to be Myself.


Do you have a word or words for your year?? What are they? I am curios to know.

2 thoughts on “Good Riddance 2016, Hello 2017”

  1. Bach

    Nice ☺️

  2. Theodore D

    Hopelessly optimistic!!!
    It better be that! Hoping against hope… when all else fails, hope holds on…
    This, rather, that past year was a insanely muddled! But it’s crazy frenzy didn’t work too much dust, at least, not enough to coax a change, let alone force it into realisation!
    Life just goes on and we seem almost too oblivious to it! Unlike birds (“V” formation), we seem to have found a way to make wakes that cause such turbulences enough to threaten the very existence of others!
    Coming to your conclusive question, I’ve resolved not to make any resolutions! ???
    Face each day and situation learning more – gracefully take and graciously leave a wake just like the birds!
    Beautiful and bold reflections! ???