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Some Fun Upgrades in Artsycraftsymoms Studio

The texure on the table

Here are some of the fun things we did at the Artsycraftsymoms studio with the stuff that we already had.

1. The plastic chest of drawers

The only way to lose the ugly plastic’ky feel of the chest of drawer is to spray paint it. Araldite has a good quality spray can and we used one full can and a half.

New folder1
The method of application is simple, spray from a distance of 8 to 10 inches(cover mouth n nose with a mask). We did about 4 coats, with a gap of 20 to 25 minutes between coats. It kind of looked a little distressed and we were ok, and we werent looking at an even white.
We let it dry overnight. It somehow looked too plain, so we added washi tapes of different color with a coat of modge podge under and over the washi tape.

2. The Pin up board

pinup board

I had a piece of board lying in my office for more than a year and I thought I could use it somewhere in the space. We picked up a dish towel and stapled it to the board and decorated the top with a lenght of lace that I already had 🙂

3. The elephant paper holder

Terracotta elephant pot

While we were getting ready to spray the chest of drawers, I saw this elephant pot abandoned in the common area. The trunk was broken and we found it inside the pot. We got it all cleaned up, stuck the trunk with hot glue (Seriously!! ) and painted it with the left over wall paint 🙂

4. The table top
We wanted to get a white top on the table and because these things are mass produced, it would cost us extra money to get a different color on the top. So we decided to go with the orangy laminate that they had and paint it white.



I mixed water based enamel paint, hot water and a spoon of pop(plaster of paris) and applied the first coat on the table top. After about 10 minutes applied a thick coat and lightly scraped it out in one sweep with a putty blade. Let it dry overnight again and we had a fabulous matt texure on the table top.

All updates on the studio can be seen under the tag of Artsycraftsymoms Studio. The before and after pictures of the studio are here.

DIY – Paper Organizer

Shruti ordered some very cost-effective plastic boxes from amazon to store all the tiny craft supplies she had. They came in very sturdy boxes, that we instantly know we could put it to some good use.


We measured the boxes and realized they were perfect for anything that is A4 size, so we set out to make magazine rack out of them.


What we used

  1. Amazon Boxes
  2. Paper knife or hacksaw blade
  3. 2 ply tissue paper
  4. White acrylic paint
  5. Modge Podge ( or fevicol and water)
  6. Colored cellophane tape

About 2 inches from the from the top and bottom, we drew a line on either side of the box. then joined the sides with a straight line. A paper knife cuts ok, but use a hacksaw blade if you want to be quick.


Note: Tape the box openings with cellophane to avoid being confused 🙂

Once we cut them up, this is what we got.


We taped the edges so they dont open up. Now it was time to make them look pretty. We applied a layer of modge podge (or 1:1 fevicol and water mixed together) on the box. I separated the 2 ply paper, crushed it length wise, opened it out about 80% and pasted it on the box and applied another layer of modge podge on it.


We did the same all around the exterior, except the bottom. We let it dry for about an hour and then Giri painted a coat of white acrylic on top.Again we let it dry for an hour and then stuck colored cellophane tape to the cut open sides in the front to finish them up.


I think I was a little too exhausted by the time we got these done, coz they dint turn out as neat as i wanted them to be. But they serve the purpose nonetheless. Each of these can hold more than a 100 sheets and everything within the reach, which is pretty awesome I think.

DIY – Pens and paints organizer


The hardware store is a great place to look for raw material for DIY. Building material is economical and also long lasting and can be worth the effort and the money. Here is a simple DIY we tried for the pens and paint bottles that provided plenty of room for more.

What we used

  1. 5inch dia plumbing PVC pipe – 3ft long
  2. Hacksaw
  3. sandpaper
  4. hot glue gun
  5. White spray paint

The average length of a pen is about 5.5 inches and we wanted some of it to stick out, so we marked 5 inches and cut six pieces. If you want to skip this step, ask the hardware guy to cut it for you(If he seems like the friendly kind) We used a hacksaw with a reusable handle. (See the picture) Dont aim to get as perfect ring unless you are a professional at using the hacksaw. Its ok to go a little off the line, looking for perfection will only increase your frustration levels.


Note: It generates a lot of plastic shaving, so turn off the fan or do it in the balcony for easy clean up.

six rings

Once the rings are ready, sand the edges and the exterior of the ring. Sanding the edges gives you a smooth finish and sanding the exterior creates tiny aberrations that will help the glue and paint stick better. 


Now its just a matter of stacking them up the way you want and putting hot glue to hold them together. We made a pyramid with six rings, we had more pipe length left over so if we need to, we can add more rings later on.

hot gluing

Note: The hot glue gun needs to be handled with care. The glue can be really hot and can burn the skin severely.

We let the glue dry for about 30 mins and then spray painted the exterior with white spray cans. Again the focus was to lose the grey and lighten the color as much as possible. We did about 3 coats with an interval of 15 minutes between coats.


I love the way it turned out, the paints and pens provide the pop of color for the otherwise neutral background.


More updates on the tag Artsycraftsymoms Studio.

New Organic Store in Koramangala – Warli Art

Me, along with my two friends painted a theme based warli mural at Swasthya Organics the new Organic Store in Koramangala, Bangalore. Read on to know more..

So when Gauri Rokkam and Shankar Rokkam ( Founders of Swaasthya Organics) were looking for some Warli mural for their new store, they got in touch with my artist friend Girija Hariharan. Giri, being a free spirit artist who doesn’t like to be bound by rules almost freaked out when I said she should take it up. What I had in mind was roping in the Warli guru, Shruti Bhat, and the dream team was formed.

The New Organic store in koramangala - Swaastya Organics

With Shruti’s knowledge about warli art, Giri’s skills as an artist and my monkeying skills (read limelight hog’er), we got started. Since it was an organic store, we decided to to showcase the journey of a grain. So along the wall, we painted the lifecycle of a grain from sowing the seeds to the harvest dance.

The Warli Art at the Organic store in Koramangala - Swasthya organics


The Lifecycle of a Grain Warli art at the organic store in Koramangala - Swaasthya Organics

Giri also painted a tree of life freehand, and a small deity sits at the bottom of the tree. We had a lot of fun painting this mural, coz team work is always fun. Not to forget the super yummy homemade lunch by Gauri, that we were too busy stuffing our faces and we forgot to take a picture.

The Tree of Life at the New organic store in Koramangala - Swaasthya Organics

Shruti and me have teamed up earlier to make wall murals, but for Giri it is her first experience with Warli. When I asked her about her experience, this is what she has to say ” When I agreed to do this, I had no idea about Warli Art except for occasional glimpses at stores and in books. But the idea of painting on a white wall was very enticing. I learnt so much about the village and their intricate yet simple way of painting their home. Turns out Warli people like walls as much as I do. It was a wonderful learning experience, bonding time and ended up being one big party“.

More about Swaasthya Organics – The New Organic Store in Koramangala?

The founders Gauri and Shankar, live in a beautiful house filled with art and vintage furniture. Their love for who they are and what they do, shows in their store. The store has a very earthy feel with raw pine shelves, vintage furniture and the occasional splash of traditional ware.

Swaasthya Organics - Organic store in Koramangala

The store currently sells dry organic goods along with organic FMCG and will be adding organic veggies soon. Gauri is also a nutritionist who focuses on natural medicines and methods.

Here is the address

Swaasthya Organics, Maitri, 650, 4th cross, 3rd Block, Koramagala, Bangalore.

DIY Pendant lights – Re purpose stories

A chandelier made of Table fan blades

Pendant lights can be expensive and yet not unique. Here is a quick DIY pendant lights idea. 

If it wasn’t for waking up early on a Sunday morning and driving the distance, I would have been at the Bangalore Sunday market, every week. It happens on the BVK Iyengar Road every Sunday and getting there real early is the only way to beat the rush and the dust that follows. It’s a long walk, so being prepared physically and mentally, helps.

Dusty table fan blades in pretty colors

On my last trip to the Sunday market, I chanced upon these table fan blades in different colors. They weren’t pretty when I saw them, I had to look through a load to get the least dented ones, but I think I could see through the dusty blades and I had an instant idea. I picked up four of them and they sat in a corner of the house for a few weeks before the time came for it to see the light of the day.

So when I was decorating my husbands office meeting room, I visualized the three fan blades hanging from the ceiling above the table. I wanted a retro feel in that space, and the fan blades were best suited there.  I brought them out and shined them with some soap water and wet rag.

What I used for this project?

the supplies needed for the project

3 meters of wire (White)

3 white bulb holders

One metal wire manager strip ( can find in any lighting shop)

3 LED bulbs

It was just a matter of cutting the wires to 3 different length, attaching the holder and passing it through the fan blades. The wire manager holds the wire tightly in place and conceals the wires connections. Since the connections to be made to the existing building wiring, it needed an electrician for installation. And it was done!

The electrician connecting the wires

I think it turned out pretty cool, and I am quite proud of it. It sort of fit perfectly into the theme and looks very impressive.

DIY Pendant lights made of Table fan blades
The final look of the space with the DIY pendant lights

DIY Feature Wall – Makeover story

A DIY Feature wall with chalk board paint and Leather framed mirrors from Kutch Bhuj

A feature wall can be a focal point in any room. Here is a quick, easy and budget friendly DIY Feature wall that I created. 

My current office is a box shaped space with no interesting architectural elements and ran the risk  of being too office’y. I needed a beautiful warm space where I could have meetings and people would feel comfortable and nice. I set out to clearly demarcate them and I realized the only way to deal with that was to split them in four quadrants to use the space effectively. Here is an Instagram of what I had in mind for my space.

Instagram feed of a poor sketch

After I had finalized on the location of the meeting/lounge space, it was time to get to work. Since there was a window right next to it, I knew there would be a ton of natural light and I could get adventurous with the color. I decided to do a black! It was the first time I was using black on a wall, so my only odds were that if it didn’t work, I could get it repainted.

I looked up the Asian paints catalogue and got a color that looked like black to me, but when I did the test patch on the wall, it turned out to be a reddish brown. Nothing can be more disappointing than wanting to start painting and realizing you have the wrong color. Instead of revisiting the color guide, I decided to do a chalk board black.

The black board wall

This is what I got at the end of it. While I loved the black wall, I dint want it to absorb all the light. So the best way to reflect light is to use a mirror. I had previously used Bhuj Mirrors on my bedroom wall.

Leather frame mirrors from Bhuj

I believe, why use just one when you can use many. So I picked up some more mirrors of different shapes and sizes from Gurjari and up the went on the wall. Any kind of gallery wall needs planning, so since this was a black board wall, it was all the more easy to draw them out before hanging them.


Then all it took was getting a carpenter to drill the holes and put up the screws.

Gujarathi Leather mirrors and kantha chairs

So here is my little piece of drama in my office space.

the first look

This is the first arrangement that I styled in front of my DIY Feature wall. Subsequently, the wall has seen other arrangements too. Here are a few of my posts on Instagram

The DIY Feature wall enjoyed by all