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The Meeting Room Makeover

Vintage typewriter from the sunday market bangalore

Learn how to design the most efficient and productive office meeting space without spending too much money. A simple Meeting Room makeover story. 

I believe work spaces should always be bright and airy, unless you are bartender, then its ok to work in a dimly lit place. A place where you spend most of your waking hours needs to be pleasant and welcoming irrespective of whether you like the work you do or not :p Research has proved that increasing the amount of light in a badly lit office, increased the productivity of the employees. Whenever I consult for offices, I always advise them to stick with white or shades of white in the production area and use dark colors in the cafeteria or recreational rooms.

So here’s our

The Meeting Room Makeover Story

So here is an office meeting room that I recently helped redo. The walls were a shade of yellow and peach in some places, so we turned them all into white. The white also highlights the gorgeous teak wood windows.

Learn how to design the most efficient and productive office meeting space without spending too much money. A simple Meeting Room makeover story.

The best thing about this project was that we used everything that we already had, and what needed to be bought came from the Bamboo Bazaar (The popular used furniture market in Bangalore). A restaurant table with metal pedestal and a wooden top became the meeting room table. All it needed was some cleaning up. The chairs were something I already had, again old teak wood chairs from a antique shop upholstered in red art leather.

A painted white storage unit at the corner with a vintage typewriter.

The corner unit was at the entrance of the office and sort of felt abandoned. It had an ugly peachy orangy laminate on it with a teak wood beading. I got it repainted into white and polished the beading for a mid-century look.

I added an old typewriter that I found at the Sunday Market, a vintage phone I picked up from a thrift store in Canada and a couple of fun posters on the wall from comic con Bangalore.

A vintage typewriter alongside a old dial ring phone.

The pendant light fixture is part of a super fun DIY project that you can see here. It cost a fraction of what ready lights cost and is unique.

Fun posters. Take that break, contemplate. Seeing things from all angles.

All in all, this was a fun project and it was very satisfying to see it all come together in the end.

DIY Pendant lights – Re purpose stories

A chandelier made of Table fan blades

Pendant lights can be expensive and yet not unique. Here is a quick DIY pendant lights idea. 

If it wasn’t for waking up early on a Sunday morning and driving the distance, I would have been at the Bangalore Sunday market, every week. It happens on the BVK Iyengar Road every Sunday and getting there real early is the only way to beat the rush and the dust that follows. It’s a long walk, so being prepared physically and mentally, helps.

Dusty table fan blades in pretty colors

On my last trip to the Sunday market, I chanced upon these table fan blades in different colors. They weren’t pretty when I saw them, I had to look through a load to get the least dented ones, but I think I could see through the dusty blades and I had an instant idea. I picked up four of them and they sat in a corner of the house for a few weeks before the time came for it to see the light of the day.

So when I was decorating my husbands office meeting room, I visualized the three fan blades hanging from the ceiling above the table. I wanted a retro feel in that space, and the fan blades were best suited there.  I brought them out and shined them with some soap water and wet rag.

What I used for this project?

the supplies needed for the project

3 meters of wire (White)

3 white bulb holders

One metal wire manager strip ( can find in any lighting shop)

3 LED bulbs

It was just a matter of cutting the wires to 3 different length, attaching the holder and passing it through the fan blades. The wire manager holds the wire tightly in place and conceals the wires connections. Since the connections to be made to the existing building wiring, it needed an electrician for installation. And it was done!

The electrician connecting the wires

I think it turned out pretty cool, and I am quite proud of it. It sort of fit perfectly into the theme and looks very impressive.

DIY Pendant lights made of Table fan blades
The final look of the space with the DIY pendant lights

Re-Purpose Stories – Use it up!

Succulents alongside ethnic indian stuffed animals.

In keeping up with my Decor Resolution of using what I have and making sure I throw away very little, here is a tiny DIY project that I took up.
I have always considered myself a black thumb person. I have successfully managed to kill every single plant that I have tried to grow or nurture. Even the toughest of the ones, that my friends confidently gave me saying they are impossible to kill, have died in my care. But stubborn being my middle name, I dont give up that easy and today I have a tiny garden where I have started growing some veggies, herbs and some decorative plants. I also had some potted succulents that were overflowing from the pot, which I propagated into pretty containers that I giveaway as gifts. How did I stop being a black thumb?? That is going to be a different post for a different day.

An overflowing potted succulent.

A jungle of ignored succulent in a pot.

An unusual glass bowl was chipped off while moving, making it useless for most of its functions. So I decided to turn in into a planter and plant a tiny succulent forest. I put a layer of pebbles, making sure the pebbles were not too small to fall out of the chipped hole. Then I topped it up with my soil mixture, I used a 1:1:1 ratio of red soil, coco peat and vermi-compost, the compost mainly coz the plant looked quite unhealthy. I find this ratio works best for me coz its light, fluffy and filled with nutrients for the plant to start off with. I was initially concerned about the stability of the bowl, when it was empty it would topple backwards. But once I had the pebbles and the soil inside, it was pretty sturdy.

The broken bowl layered with pebbles and topped up with soil mixture.

All ready for the plants.

Then it was just the question of snipping individual florets and planting them. I poked my pinky finger into the soil, placed the stem inside the soil and pressed on either side with my fingers. Gave it a nice good shower of water (with a spray can, very useful when you have tiny plants) and it was good to go. For a few days it was by the window and now its on the side table.

The glass bowl converted to a planter, filled with succulents. It sits pretty next to rag dolls from Gujarath.

The healthy succulent forest.

Its been a few weeks since and the succulent is a healthy boy now. I love the splash of green on my side table.

The side view of the mini succulent forest in a glass bowl, along with the ethnic Indian stuffed animals.

Sitting Pretty

A few weeks ago the husband received a mug as a gift that was completely shattered to bits by the time it came home (No idea how). I tested my patience and put it together with super glue and put a plant in it.

A mug that was shattered to bits, put together with super glue becomes a planter for a succulent.

Broken, but not completely useless.

I love how putting the broken bits together gives it so much more character. Now, its a on the window, welcoming people into the house.

Its going to be a year of reusing, re-purposing, recycling and throwing away very little.