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My TOP 5 Favorite DIY’s

Leather frame mirrors on the black feature wall

Everyone has their own way of relaxing and unwinding and mine is to create something. My DIY time is the “me time” and if you see me irritated and wanting to bite your head off, its coz I haven’t created something for a long time. DIY is not always about saving money, there are times that DIY can cost more than what you can buy something off the shelf. But the satisfaction of having created something all by yourself is priceless.

While there are several DIY’s on this blog, here are 5 of my most favorite. (Click on each title to read more)

5. The Decoupaged Dining Table

DIY Decoupaged Table

The 70’s and 80’s Kids can relate to furniture that was solid wood frame and plywood tops with ugly brown laminate. I picked this table from an old couple and loved everything about it except the top. Here I have decoupaged layers of pages from an old dictionary to give it a makeover.

4. Pens and Paint bottle organizer.


This was made for a dear friend Shruti, who is well known as Artsycraftsymom. Shruti is not only a friend, but all my pillar in strength when I need one. She is the family I chose for myself. I spent two full days with her to give her studio a much needed upgrade. She was one of the very first blogger I collaborated with, even before the idea of collaboration came.

3. The Kutch Mirror wall

kutch leather mirrors on a matt black wall


This was the feature wall in my Studio before I completely renovated. I picked the mirrors during a sale in Gurjari (the official handicraft store of Gujarat). I had been visualizing this wall for a very long time, before I decided to make it in my office. It was a show stopper, a conversation starter and a wow factor. It almost felt like being enveloped in a warm hug when you were in the space.

2. The wooden Bar cabinet

Painting Laminate furniture

This is another way of upgrading laminate furniture. I have used this in some many places that I can almost swear by it. The trick really is to ensure you clean the laminate with soap water, let it dry completely, do two coats of primer and leave at-least 12 hours gap between coats.

1. Fan blade pendant lights

The final look of the space

The reason why this is my favorite is coz it makes me happy every time I look at it. This is like a DIY’ers dream, like you pick up something from the junk market and turn it into something that you absolutely adore and is one hundred percent unique. I bought the table fan blades at the Bangalore sunday market, cleaned it up to reveal beautiful colors and got my electrician to hang them in my husbands office. It completes the look of that meeting room I think.

This post was a beautiful reminder of all the fun times I had during the making of these DIY. While I am in the process of documenting the other DIY’s I have done and all the ones that I plan to do, this was a fun refresher.

5 ways to glam up a tiny bathroom

This post is about how we changed an ordinary boring tiny bathroom into a glamorous one. So if you are interested, read on. 

This was a typical office restroom that you get when you are a small business and rent out a small space in a premium locality commercial complex. Super tiny in size (Less than 25 square feet) boring tiles,  and no place for anything else other than a WC and a tiny corner sink. (At least we have our own and dont have to share a common rest room, Thank God!) It has a tiny window that lets the light in and provides ventilation (Thank God again).

During the process of rescuing this bathroom from boring, we discovered the 5 ways to glam up a tiny bathroom.

This is HOW!

1.Create a grand entry.  Just coz it leads to a bathroom, does not mean it needs to look drab. The entry to the (thinking) throne needs to be a grand one. The blue door gives you no clue about what is hidden behind. (Do ping me if you like the color and need the shade code)5 ways to glam up your bathroom

2. Ditch the light colors and go Bold. Contrary to popular belief that you should stick to lighter colors in small spaces, we decided to go bold everywhere. The walls above the tiles and the ceiling was painted in dark grey that almost looked like black. As usual, this made the biggest impact to the space.5 ways to glam up your bathroom

3. Switch the lighting to warm. Since this was in an office space and did not have a shower attached, I decided to do a pendant light, a traditional Andhra leather work shade with geometric lines. Changing the bulb to a warm led lends the glam feel.

4. Add an interesting mirror. Pretty self explanatory there. Since mirrors can be taken with you when you move, invest in a beautiful piece. 5 ways to glam up your bathroom

5. Introduce some Decor elements. I love decorative items in the loo. (Gives you something to stare at. Lol!) Maybe a plant, or decorative bottles, aroma diffuser or some sea shells in a glass bottle. Hanging a multilevel shelf provides room for storage of essentials and also some decorative elements too.

So these are our 5 ways to glam up a bathroom. Bathrooms are my favorite space to decorate coz there is no midway, you either break your bank or spend almost nothing decorating it.



Day 9 – DIY Plywood shelf

DIY Plywood shelf

Left over plywood is a situation in every construction site, even when you get small pieces of furniture made, there is always some left over ply that is considered waste and dumped in trash. While I need to think of what to make with small bit, slightly big pieces can be put to use immediately. Here is a quick, easy and cost effective way of adding a shelf to your wall with your left over plywood.

What you will need?

  1. Left over 19mm plywood piece
  2. Wood primer
  3. Enamel paint
  4. A 2 inch brush
  5. Metal wall brackets, a pair

How to do it?

  1. If you have odd shaped piece, get your carpenter to cut it onto shelf sized pieces. 3 ft long by 6 to 8 inches wide is a good size for a single shelf to support on 2 brackets. If you want to have a longer shelf, increase the number of brackets to 3 to support the weight of the things that will go on the shelf.
  2. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the plywood. Apply a coat of wood primer to all sides and edges of the plywood. Let it dry for a couple of hours.
  3. Now the piece is ready to be painted in whatever color you want. I used water based enamel in white, coz the things that go on the shelf would be bright colored.
  4. I used a brush to paint 2 coats of paint, with an interval of an hour in between and let it dry for another hour before they were put up.
  5. I am used to doing my own drilling and installing screws, if you are not, you can take the help of a carpenter. I mounted the 2 brackets on the wall, placed the shelf on them and fixed the shelf them to the bracket with screws. DIY Plywood Shelf
  6. diy plywood shelf

You can used this DIY to make a large size wall mounted table too. Just use bigger brackets and a big size plywood piece. You can easily get a 2 x 4 ft wall mounted table with 3 brackets for support.

Day 7: DIY Teen Room Display

DIY Teen Room Display

Here is another quick DIY to display all the stuff that teenagers hoard and want in their room. I think a teens room is a place where you can go completely crazy and do all types of budget DIY and change it in a few days, coz they will love to have something new.

What You need?

  1. An old frame, just the four sides.
  2. Satin ribbon
  3. A staple gun
  4. Some colored paper clipsDIY Teen Room Decor

How to make it?

  1. The wooden frame, I already had, you can even get one made for the size you want from your local frame shop guy. Just remember, if you make it too big, it may need a thick frame coz thin flimsy ones will warp and wont take the weight.
  2. I stapled one end of the satin ribbon on the top at the back of the frame, stretched it to the other end at an angle and stapled it on the other side. Its like putting up a clothes line.
  3. I repeated the same process to get 2 more lines.It looked like a stretched figure of 8 with satin ribbons.
  4. To break the symmetry, I used a different colored ribbon and stapled it randomly.
  5. Now it was ready to go on the wall. I used the colored paper clips to secure things on the satin ribbon.

This also qualifies for a quick 10 minute DIY. The best thing about this DIY is that, the kids can hang cards, friendship bands, little trinkets, photos, accessories, etc,. And after a few months, change them completely depending on what they fancy at that time.DIY Teen Room Display

Since I was on a fast track mode, I hardly have pictures of “Work in Progress). Sometimes I am so engrossed in it, that I forget to take pictures. This series is helping me realize I need to be more organized and have a step by step picture taken.

I have a few more Teen DIY’s up my sleeve, stay tuned. All posts of the 30 Days of DIY can be found here.

Day 6: DIY Spray Painted Decoratives

DIY Spray Painted Decoratives

Hectic weekdays followed by no rest weekends resulting in hectic weekdays again is the reason for the posts spill over. However, the committed 30 Days of DIY is going to happen and Day 6 & 7 will be published today so I am back on track.

A DIY Decor Enthusiast needs to make a few best friends and a spray paint can has to be one of them. Spray paint can completely transform anything.

What you need?

  1. Spray Paint Can ( They will be available in your local hardware shops for 180 – 230INR)
  2. Open space to spray, balcony, terrace, etc,. (Spray paints will fly all over, so if you spray indoors, it can stick to the floor and the furniture around)
  3. An old bedsheet or news paper to spread (more than 5 times the size of the object you are spraying)
  4. A mask or a cloth to cover your nose.

How to do it?

  1. Spread the bedsheet or the newspaper in the open area. Keep the object you want to spray in the middle.
  2. Spray paint does not come off easily, so if you want to color only some parts, tape the rest tightly with cellophane tape.
  3. Shake the spray can vigorously for a couple of times. Hold it 8 to 10 inches away from the object you want to spray and spray an even layer.
  4. The paint dries quickly, so give it some 10 minutes and spray another coat or the other size.DIY Spray Painted Decoratives

This Glass, I spray painted on the inside, I had to tape the outside tightly with a polythene bag and cellophane tape, and then spray painted the inside. The effect is beautiful. Excuse the out of focus subject.

DIY Spray Painted Decoratives

P.s. Spray Paint works great on plastic or fibre molded decorative. Just make sure they have a Lots of details that will get highlighted when you spray. You can even use them on carved wood. DIY Spray Painting Decoratives

Day 5 – DIY Mixed Media Art

DIY Mixed Media Art

This officially should qualify for a five minute DIY (Provided you have an abstract art piece already), coz that is how much time it took me.

From my understanding, Mixed Media Art, is an art form that combines various forms in one piece. For example, paint, metal mural and paper collage, if they are present in one single canvas or frame, its called a Mixed Media Art.

Sometimes, we buy something or get a gift that really stole our heart, and once we come home with it, we have no idea what to do with it. Its something that most Home Decor Enthusiasts go through at-least once.

I’ve had a 3 piece Buddha mural for several years and it sat in my gift closet, with me not knowing how to display it, where I would do justice to the piece.

The Idea came one day, all of a sudden when I was switching art around the house.

What I used?

  1. An abstract painting that I already had. (Worry not if you dont have one, I have another DIY lined up to make your own)
  2. A Buddha Mural (I had this one too)
  3. 1/2 inch screws
  4. A screw driver

    DIY Mixed Media Art

    The Before.

How I did it?

  1. The abstract art that I have is stretched on a pinewood frame. So the screws needed to be fastened on the frame itself coz the canvas will not take the weight of the mural.
  2. I placed the mural in several places on the frame to see how it would look and finalized where I wanted the mural to be.
  3. I marked the place where I needed to put the screws and used a screw driver to fix the screws to the frame.
  4. I simply hung the mural pieces on the screws and  I was done!!DIY MIxed Media Art

This idea opens up a whole lot of opportunity for Art, two complimenting things can only enhance each others beauty without taking away anything.  The abstract painting and the mural were put together, they look absolutely stunning.

Look for small things in your home that look too insignificant when put on the wall. By mounting it on a contrast abstract art, can up its game several folds.

Happy DIY Month!


Day 4 – DIY Painting Laminate Furniture

Painting Laminate furniture

Nothing sticks to laminate, and changing them to a different one is an expensive affair. Sometime ago, I did some experiments with different laminate furniture I had at home. The result was published on Housedelic on different ways to upgrade old laminate furniture to look modern and classy. One of the methods was to paint it, and make sure it doesnt peel off. Here is a detailed version of how to achieve that.

DIY Painting Laminate

This is how the cabinet looked “Before” the makeover.

What you need??

  1. Sandpaper
  2. Oil primer (The magic ingredient)
  3. Enamel paint (I use water based enamel by Asian paints)
  4. Enamel roller (smaller version of the wall one) and brush

How to do it?

  1. Clean the laminate surface with soap water and scrub, this ensures that all grease is out. (Skipping this step means letting the paint peel after a while)
  2. Once dry, use a sandpaper paper and sand it to remove any glossy finish. Wipe the dust away.
  3. Remove any hardware that is attached, or use some tape to cover it up.
  4. With a brush, apply one coat of oil primer evenly. Let it sit for an hour.
  5. Lightly sand the surface and wipe clean.
  6. Apply another even coat of primer and let it sit overnight. (This step is the most important, what holds the laminate and the paint together is the primer, so make sure this is accommodated for)
  7. Next day, lightly sand the surface and wipe clean, apply a coat of enamel in the color that you choose.
  8. Let it dry. if you use water based enamel, it will dry in an hour or so, oil based enamel takes longer.
  9. Apply the second coat and again let it sit overnight before you start using it. If

If you follow this process religiously, the paint wont peel off untill you take a sharp object and scrape it off.

DIY Painting Laminate

Since my cabinet has a teak wood beading, I left that untouched and painted just the laminate on it. The insides was veneer and I left that intact too.

Day 3 – DIY Painted Terracotta

DIY Painted Terracotta

After 2 DIY’s that take a few hours to complete, here is on that provides instant gratification.

Every time I am trying out a new color on my walls or for a client, I am mighty excited. I am even more excited when I have some leftover wall paint. So this DIY is super easy with brilliant results.

What I used?

  1. Terracotta or Earthen ware – pots, figurines, anything.
  2. Leftover wall paint
  3. Wall painting brush
  4. water (Spray can is good)

How to do it?

  1. Clean the surface of the pot or earthen object you want to paint on.
  2. Thin the paint with water. For normal application the paint -water ratio is 1:0.6, here you can go 1:1
  3. Spray the earthen surface with water, the water will get absorbed eaisily. What this does is cools the surface and prevents it from absorbing water in the paint and giving you a patchy surface.
  4. Use a brush and paint the surface. It dries in a matter of minutes.
  5. Do a second coat as soon as the first coat looks dry. This will give an even color.

TaDaaaa… We are done!!

DIY Painted Terracotta

The wall paint gives it a rich matt finish , they look brilliant. I want to try it on large urns to place them outside my office, but havnt found the size I want. I’ve tried the idea in Artsycraftsymoms Studio too.

Now that you know the secret, keep a lookout at those roadside terracotta ware sellers. You get some lovely stuff for a fair price too. If you are in Bangalore, schedule a visit to the pottery town, you will find an amazing collection of garden accessories, masks, pots, etc. The people are good and prices are also reasonable.

DIY Painted Terracotta

P.S. If you want to take this idea commercially, dont compromise on the quality of paint. Use Asian Paint Apex or Apex ultima (No, this post is not sponsored by Asian paints), they are rich in color, mould proof and will withstand any weather, so perfect for outdoors. Happy customers, happy business and happy you 🙂

DIY Painted Terracotta

Day 2 -DIY Decoupaged Table

DIY Decoupaged Table

My dining table is a find from an online local classified website. I picked it up from an old couple who wanted to make more space. The table was in good condition, but the chairs were ugly beyond everything. The thought of even trying to do something with them was depressing me, so when I got them delivered to my place, I asked the tempo driver if he would like the chairs. He was happy to take them and I was super happy to let go.

Now, the top was an ugly laminate at was used on every furniture some 15 years ago. Since a dining table will be a frequently used piece of furniture, painting was not an option. So I decided to decoupage it.

What I used?

1. An old dictionary

2. Fevicol & water (1:1)

3. Acrylic paint in metallic bronze

4. Sandpaper

How I did it?

  1. I first scraped the the top with sand paper to roughen up the surface, this make the glue stick better.
  2. I mixed Fevicol and water in 1:1 proportion and made sure it’s a homogeneous mixture.
  3. I separated a bunch of pages from the dictionary to get started.
  4. Now since the surface of the table is large ( 4 ft dia) I used my hands to pour and spread the Fevicol-water mixture evenly on the top, you could use a brush.
  5. I then placed single sheets of paper randomly on it, put a finger on the centre of the sheet and applied a coat on the sided.
  6. I did that till I had covered the entire table. Don’t worry if you get small gaps that don’t get covered or you have extra paper sticking out from the corners of the table. The extra paper can be trimmed and the small gaps get covered in the 2nd round. DIY Decoupaged Table
  7. Let it dry. You know it’s dry when you see a glossy surface and it doesn’t stick when you touch.
  8. Next I applied another layer of Fevicol-water solution on top of it and repeated the step.
  9. 2 layers are enough to get an even surface, once it’s dry, apply another layer of Fevicol water solution and let it dry overnight before you use it.
  10. But I dint stop there. To give it a little decorative look, I applied a layer thinned down metallic acrylic color on it. DIY Decoupaged Table
  11. While it was drying, I got the kids to go through the dictionary pages and highlight the words that they thought were happy and fun. I used those pages to go on the top layer, and made sure I was not covering the entire table so that the metallic color was visible in places.DIY Decoupaged table

I have a super clumsy family that makes a mess on the dining table, so I had to put a glass top on it. Now when the kids are having a leisurely breakfast or dinner, they go through the words on the table, its fun.

DIY Decoupaged Table

P.s. This can be used directly on plywood, if you are looking at making some plywood furniture on a budget, opt out of putting a laminate and directly decoupage it.

P.P.s: To get posts in your imbox, subscribe by adding your email address on the top right corner. To get all posts one after the other click on the tag 30 Days of DIY.

Day 1 -DIY Paint your Accent wall 

DIY Paint your wall

I wanted the first post of the series “30 days of DIY” to make a huge impact to the space, this DIY is very easy and doable with a little guidance.

Lots of people think painting a wall is a very tedious job, its not! Moreover, it can be a lot of fun. Lets get to work right away.

What you will need?

  1. Hammer or plyer
  2. Putty blade
  3. 2 or 4 inch brush
  4. A roller
  5. Wall putty (to fill holes)
  6. sand paper
  7. Wall primer
  8. Wall paint (any brand you like i used Asian Paints premium emulsion, 1 ltr paint covers a 10ft x 10ft wall)
  9. Ladder
  10. Select a wall that you want to have as an accent. (Where you want your eyes to rest in the room)


Get to work

  1. Remove nails with a plyer or the back of a hammer.
  2. Line the bottom of the wall with newspaper.
  3. Mix the putty with water and bring it to a chapati dough like consistency. Apply it on the wall with the help of a putty blade and sweep clean. Wait till it dries out ( depending on your weather about 30 – 60 mins) sand the area so the surface is even and wipe the entire wall to remove dust and grime.
  4. If your wall was painted more than 5 years ago the last time, apply a coat of primer first. Or if your wall is a dark color and you have chosen a lighter color for your accent, do a coat of primer. No matter which paint brand you use, the instructions are on the paint can, follow it.
  5. Always, do the edges first on all 4 sides with a brush first and then fill in with the roller. Let it dry for a couple of hours.
  6. The paint – water ratio is specified on the paint can, so mix water accordingly. Once the primer is dry, start applying the color on the edges on all 4 sides to make a frame.DIY Paint your wall
  7. Use the roller to fill inside, roll up and down once to get an even color. Avoid rolling several times in the same area.
  8. Let it dry for another hour or so before you do another coat. Dont worry if it looks a little patchy, once its dry and the 2nd coat is done, it will all even out.
  9. Follow the same procedure of doing the edges first with the brush and using the roller in the middle. It is very tempting to get started with the roller, but believe me, its a lot neater when you do the edges first.DIY Paint your wall
  10. Let your wall dry while you plan what you want to put on it!

DIY - Paint your Wall

P.s. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Happy DIY month!