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The IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio

No matter what I do, I am always reminded of the fact that my true love lies in Indian Handmade. So here I am, after a break back in the IndyaKaleidoscope boat and I am very excited. I took the time to ensure that this time its bigger, better and more organized.

All sales will be through the website, do check it out www.indyakaleidoscope.com. What to look forward to in

  1. Products made by Artisans and Artisan Families.
  2. Vintage Products (not Lookalikes)
  3. Block printed furnishing. Custom blocks designed, carved and printed inhouse. (Thats why we are a IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio now)
  4. Craft Installations for interiors(using traditional crafts in very modern interiors, write to me to know more)

The Studio however is going to be the office and a space for events and hangouts. Here is a sneak peak into the IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio.

IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio

The entryway. The frames on the jaali room divider break the monotony of wood.

The studio space is divided into four areas. The entryway, the lounge space, the office and the warehouse.

IndyaKaleidoscope design studio

The Feature wall in the lounge area.

The daybed in the lounge area will soon be covered with a display of cushions. It also serves as a quick nap room (Yes you heard it right)

Block printed cushions

The mat on the floor has reds and purples on it, and the same colours are being used on the cushions to tie them together.

The mirror Wall

The chalk board paint wall filled with leather mirrors. During events the mirrors come off and the wall becomes a regular chalk board to write on.


The art on one side is simply India Post collectible stamps that are related to Indian crafts and heritage.

An old wooden chest for coffee table

The side of the office

The office Area.

Here is the new address. WELCOME!

IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio

#28/2, 2nd Floor

11th Cross Malleshwaram

Bangalore – 560003

Ph: +91 97429 49370 (10.30am to 6pm)

Artika Cafe Gallery

Artika Cafe Gallery

Here is a visual treat, a photo tour of the Artika Cafe Gallery,  in Puducherry previously known as Pondicherry.

A couple of winters ago I made a trip to Pondicherry with my college roomie, who is an absolute sweetheart. We did not have an particular agenda in mind, we stayed inside the town a few hundred meters from the French Colony. It wasnt my first time there, but I did what typical first time tourists do in Pondicherry. Walk up and down the road at Promenade beach, visit Auroville, Aurobindo Ashram and take pictures of the beautiful French architecture. This is when we discovered the Artika Cafe Gallery.

The very Stunning Artika Cafe

A stunning Art Gallery with a cafe attached, it is carefully tucked into one of the by-lanes that you can easily miss it if you dont pay attention. The first striking feature was the all white walls of the old house converted into a gallery cafe and the white tables and chairs. I love White, it is my go to color when I am not sure.

Art Deco Furniture at the Artika Cafe

As you step into the portico, its warm and more inviting. The Art Deco furniture is absolutely stunning and to die for. The place is carefully put together with antique mud figurines, period furniture and of-course Art.

The Artika Cafe Pondicherry

There was some fascinating detail in every corner and its a visual treat. Even the rest room wasnt spared, it has this crazy amazing (running out of adjectives) painted door and a painted door frame.

Artika cafe Pondicherry

I was careful not to take pictures of the gallery portion coz you want to protect the artists creative interests. The Gallery has a distressed wall similar to the nook you see here. It made the bright paintings hung on them pop.

A Distressed wall

Not to forget the food was lovely too. We ended up spending all our evenings there. I would say it is a must visit when in Pondicherry. Here is their FaceBook Page.

Cafe Artika

Spaces I have lived in – Four

This home was the coziest and most loved home in every way. It has seen extremes of emotions, crazy ecstatic happiness to hopeless depression. This is also the home where i got married, which means its the last of the Bachelorette pads before moving into my husbands house.

The living and dining were a single rectangular room with tons of natural light (Absolutely loved it!). The kitchen was a super tiny one, so much so that if I was cooking and the house help was washing the dishes, one of us had to squeeze into a sheet against the wall to let the other one pass. But I wasn’t complaining, coz one wall was a large window with tons of light all through the day.

Two brass urlis with a single gerberas in each of them. At the far end is the yellow wall with the breautiful kathakali painting on it.

Yellows, oranges and golds with hints of pink.

I tried my hand at creating feature walls in the living room and both the bedrooms and I must say they were a huge success. In the living room I tried a bright yellow from Asian Paints premium emulsion. The color added so much cheer to the room, that it was one happy place to be.

Three miniature brass lamps on an orange mosaic tiled table.

The orange tile table makes a beautiful canvas for displaying my brass beauties.

The pictures of the living room can be found in the gallery folder here.

The fully upholstered kantha sofa makes a bold statement.

The fully upholstered kantha sofa makes a bold statement.

My bedroom was tiny too. The queen bed with two bedside tables and a chair was all I could fit in. So I used the bedroom for sleeping and nothing else. I decided to get a little adventurous and use grey in the small and already dark room. It worked like beautifully, See it here.

A miniature of the stone chariot found in Hampi

A tiny stone chariot from Hampi

The other bedroom was moms which I later converted to a guest bedroom, and I had no plans to make a feature wall there. It was bright and airy and I wanted to keep it that way, but I discovered some ugly scribble marks on the wall behind the side table. Apparently, one of moms caretakers got too bored during moms nap time and decided to make artwork on the wall. Really!! And things like that bother me a lot (ugly walls bother me, not fully grown women scribbling on the wall)

A bunch of red roses in a glass pickle jar

Red roses make anyone happy.

Well, I did not have enough yellow or enough grey to cover the entire wall. So I decided to mix them both leftovers (no idea in what ratio) and what a lovely surprise. I got this lovely olive green that I never expected. See it here.



Spaces I have lived in – Three

A small wooden wall shelf that has three ceramic ganeshas, and also used as jewelry display.

Living in a house that had very little natural light, got me craving for sunshine. I also discovered that I liked nice crisp white colour on most (not all) of my walls. So when my mum decided to move in with me, I had to find a two bedroom apartment. I took a little longer and got myself a place that fulfilled my only condition, lots and lots of natural light.

Since the owner of the place had not painted the place, I requested him to make the walls white and he did. Since mum had arrived with a truck load (Literally) of stuff from Mangalore even before I moved in, the process of moving was absolutely frustrating and painful.

After almost two months of hard work, the house started looking like Home. This was also the time when I was sourcing furniture for the Indyakaleidoscope store, and I found a few pieces that I loved for the home. I got my sofa upholstered in bright orange silk to give it a rich look and make it pop against the white walls.

A flea market found sofa set upholstered in orange silk fabric. A large brass biryani plate hangs on the wall along with a mixed media painting.

Pink n Orange

A vintage chair upholstered in pink and orange cheveron fabric from fab indial

New upholstery and a little bit of polish makes a flea market find, as good as new.

I found a pair of these chairs up for sale on Second to None, an online flea market. The design of the chairs rang a bell in my head and I sent the picture to a friend who has vast knowledge of global vintage furniture. She confirmed that its a vintage design by Farso Stolefabrik, a Danish furniture designer. The upholstery fabric is from FabIndia.

A small wooden wall shelf that has three ceramic ganeshas, and also used as jewelry display.

Some pretty, some functional

While I did not start out with a specific color theme in mind, I realized that it was slowly turning into this gorgeous, very Indian color scheme of Orange and Pink.


My mothers steel cupboard which has all my decor

Mums mini almirah used to store my decor


Any new furniture that came to the house was pre-owned and came from either second hand furniture shops or online portals selling old furniture. I developed a lifestyle of not buying new, using what I have and making the most of it. I also started developing a liking for DIY (Do-it-Yourself).

A shabby chic chalk board

Things to remember corner in the kitchen.

I got a bunch of gold frames made in different sizes, using different frame beading from a local picture framing guy. The whole set cost be about 500 bucks. I made the layout on the floor, constantly shuffling them until I arrived at something I loved. Then transferred it on to the wall using two sided tape.

A set of gold picture frames without pictures, placed on the wall.

The empty frame collage

Why I moved from this house? Mum was not doing very well and her mobility decreased a little with every passing day. It got to a point where I had to make sure she had food and water within arms distance and she had a few minor accidents while trying to use the bathroom and it was always at the back of my mind when I was at work. So I had to move to a place which  was a few minutes walk from work.





Spaces I have lived in – Two

I moved to another one bed kitchen living set up that was just a few mins walk from my new work place. Since I had very little time to house hunt and move, I had to settle for something that looked ok but dint wow me. The house had very little natural light, but was secure and security was a priority since I was living alone. (My roommate got married and moved to the US and I decided not to share my home with anyone). So this is how my home looked when I was in my early twenties.

The entrance with a console table with some interesting pieces of crafts.

A bamboo console table

The living room arrangement was obviously focused around the television. I had a diwan daybed, a bamboo console table and two low seating carved chairs. Most of which was collected one after the other.

A kathakali mask overlooking Two low seating carved chairs with comfortable cushions.

Low seating carved chairs

I even added two large chest of drawers to store samples since I was doing my research for Indyakaleidoscope. Over a period of time, the living room became cluttered with furniture.

A bedroom filled with so much red. Red curtains, red pillows, red lamp and red blanket.

The bedroom! Gosh! So much of red, red and some more red. Sometimes I wonder if I really lived here?? There is so much going on here. I couldn’t sleep there now for sure. Well, the only valid explanation I have is that it was the bedroom of a girl who just got out of college, got a job and was doing her thing.

The kitchen shelf lined with fairy lights behind the canisters to provide a little more light to a dark kitchen.

Fairy lights in the kitchen

The kitchen was a tiny L shaped one and was the darkest room in the house. So I had to come up with something to brighten it up. Options are limited, especially in a rented space and when the landlord lives on the floor below yours. Nevertheless, so many memorable meals have been cooked in this kitchen.

Even though it was an ok-ok kinda house and I couldnt do much in terms of the decor, it was a happy place. Since workplace was close by and I had started managing a team at work, weekends always saw some fun with friends catching up for a home cooked meal. This was the house where I got my first digital camera, started the IndyaKaleidoscope blog and planned my little social business.


Spaces I have lived in – One

I moved to Bangalore soon after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering. I had a job offer and was due to join even before I had my Graduation Certificate in hand.

After being a paying guest for about a year, I moved into a shared space with two other girls. Wherever I’ve lived, I always managed to make the space more personal, more inviting and more home-like. The first home was a very warm one bedroom, living room and open kitchen with a gorgeous red-oxide floor. While the memories of that home is fresh in my mind, there are no pictures to share. Those were the days of film roll cameras and brick like cell phones. So here are some pictures taken from the cell phone.

The classic Indian seating, mattress on the floor with bolsters and cushions

Low Seating

The living room and the kitchen were one unit. As you walked in through the door, you were in the living area and to the left was an open kitchen. Since there was no budget for decorating, I stuck to affordable decor.

A large acrylic painting and a corner stand for nick knacks.

Art corner

The acrylic painting was a gift from a friend and will show up in every home that I have been in. I have a thing for paintings with open doors and windows in them.

A simple granite top kitchen, with shelves for storage.

The open Kitchen

The Kitchen was the most fun part of the house. Since my roommate and me both enjoyed cooking, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen, working, gossiping and just having fun. I printed out some fun posters that I found on the internet and framed them to make it more fun.

Humor in the Kitchen

Humor in the Kitchen

To separate the kitchen from the living room, I found a pair of cheap chairs and a table which became our dining space and fixed a reed pendant light on top. Unfortunately I dont have a picture of that.

Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah!

Unfortunately the kitchen was always clean, this could work well now. *making a mental note to hang this up later today*.

The bedroom was a really large room almost dormitory style. I remember during a wedding, we had almost 10 women comfortable in the house and there was enough room for a few more. No pictures of the bedroom either.

I moved jobs and my new workplace was an hour away. It was a place that I loved, and it broke my heart to move coz the commute to work was killing me. So I had wrap my house up and the lovely memories I made here and move.