Decor Blogger from Bangalore

Rummaging in the attic of my dad’s ancestral home in search of some pretty stuff must have been the first signs of my love for home decor. Spending hours gawking at old editions of Interior Decor magazines was a favourite pastime. I must have been about thirteen or fourteen then, i would give my precious finds a good wash and put them in different corners of the house. I think the only thing I missed then, and would have loved to do was take pictures.
Fast forward ten years from then, I had a degree in Electrical & Electronics engineering and was starting my first job. The itch to decorate never went away, so I got myself a Diploma in Interior Decoration while I was working.
Work took me to several places across the country and the idea of starting a handicraft store was born. After eight years of working for IT, I quit to start IndyaKaleidoscope.
This site is an online journal to record my journey with design. A place where I can archive my work, thoughts, ideas and achievements. Here you can find tons of DIY’s for an Indian Soul, virtual tours of homes that you may not see in magazines but are beautifully decorated  and have a soul of their own. Heritage buildings that have stood the test of time. This is a space where I celebrate the art of living beautifully in a beautiful space and occasionally rant about the stuff that I have learnt in life.

Welcome to my World! Look around and tell me what you think.