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Write a Creative Tag-Line to Win a 3D Geometric Carpet

Contest Home Decor India

The Home Decor – India group on facebook has just crossed 5000 people, and the tribe is growing very fast. Its time to do some fun things and increase the interactions. While having regional meetups take considerable amount of  time & planning, what can be done immediately is a fun Contest with an equally fun prize.

What is the contest all about?

Write a creative, classy and fun tag line for the group!

Rules of the Contest:

  1. The tag line should not be more than 8 words.
  2. Add the tag line as a comment on this post to enter the contest.
  3. As long as you have an Indian Address to receive your gift if you win, go for it!
  4. Any number of entries per person is allowed.
  5. Contest is open till 30th June 2016

What is the contest prize?

A stunning 3d geometric pattern rug size 32×60 inches.Contest Prize Home Decor India


I had seen 3d geometric rugs in pictures on pintrest and other websites. A few days ago I experienced it for the first time at a store launch, you can see the picture on Instagram here. While I was going about my work today, wondering in the back of my mind about how to celebrate 5000 members, is when I bumped into this rug again and the idea of this contest was born.

So if you love this rug as much as I do, and want it badly, think of a fun tagline for the Home Decor India group.

P.s. Excuse the poor quality picture, had to take them on my phone.

30 thoughts on “Write a Creative Tag-Line to Win a 3D Geometric Carpet”

  1. Sujitha

    Decor “Refreshing life”

  2. Roma


  3. Deepa Bhagat

    Turning Ideas into Action

  4. Nivetha Krishnamoorthy

    Everything is an illusion!

  5. giri


  6. sabita sahu

    Musing on stylish living….

  7. Ekta Capoor

    Style definitions for your home

  8. sudha

    design and decor destination 🙂

  9. Suchorita Dutta

    My entry for the contest:

    “Why fit in when your home’s meant to stand out!”

  10. sabita sahu

    A reflection of you

  11. Anuradha Kapoor

    A place where dreams dwell

  12. sabita sahu

    Making statement in style

  13. sabita sahu

    Smart way to decorate your home

  14. Ninad Gavankar

    Decor Addicted Brains

  15. Shraddha

    Toast to countless creative emotions

  16. seema taneja

    1. For the love of all things bright and beautiful!

    2. home love!

  17. ashwini

    “Where the mind meets the Soul”; “Life’s beauty deconstructed” ; “The Surreal Nest”

  18. Alifia Shabbir

    Addicted to space
    (pun on the song addicted to bass)

  19. Alifia Shabbir

    Creating Wonderwalls

    (Wonderwall meaning –
    A barrier which separates the mundane from the Transcendent Reality. A true Wonderwall will always have a crack, or a slit or an opening which allows anyone a glimpse of what lies beyond the Wonderwall.)

  20. Rubi Baid Bhansali

    Innovations,Emotions is the journey towards home decor Destination

  21. sabita sahu

    Give your dreams a sweet voice

  22. sabita sahu

    Finding yourself in every detail….

  23. Roma

    Home is where the heart is and heart is where the decor is 🙂

  24. Sharon Dsouza

    Not just 4 walls and a couch!

  25. Priyanka

    1. Decor, dil se!

    2. Home is where the decor is!

    3. Decor devo bhava!

    4. Where the homes tell their own story.

    5. Where the mind is without fear and the decor is held high…

    6. Bring out the decorist in you.

    7. United by a love of decor!

    • Preethi

      Hey Priyanka, Happy New Year! Do send me an email as one of your tag-lines has been chosen.

  26. Shweta

    Imagination Unlimited!

  27. sabita sahu

    Who is the winner