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The IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio

No matter what I do, I am always reminded of the fact that my true love lies in Indian Handmade. So here I am, after a break back in the IndyaKaleidoscope boat and I am very excited. I took the time to ensure that this time its bigger, better and more organized.

All sales will be through the website, do check it out What to look forward to in

  1. Products made by Artisans and Artisan Families.
  2. Vintage Products (not Lookalikes)
  3. Block printed furnishing. Custom blocks designed, carved and printed inhouse. (Thats why we are a IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio now)
  4. Craft Installations for interiors(using traditional crafts in very modern interiors, write to me to know more)

The Studio however is going to be the office and a space for events and hangouts. Here is a sneak peak into the IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio.

IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio

The entryway. The frames on the jaali room divider break the monotony of wood.

The studio space is divided into four areas. The entryway, the lounge space, the office and the warehouse.

IndyaKaleidoscope design studio

The Feature wall in the lounge area.

The daybed in the lounge area will soon be covered with a display of cushions. It also serves as a quick nap room (Yes you heard it right)

Block printed cushions

The mat on the floor has reds and purples on it, and the same colours are being used on the cushions to tie them together.

The mirror Wall

The chalk board paint wall filled with leather mirrors. During events the mirrors come off and the wall becomes a regular chalk board to write on.


The art on one side is simply India Post collectible stamps that are related to Indian crafts and heritage.

An old wooden chest for coffee table

The side of the office

The office Area.

Here is the new address. WELCOME!

IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio

#28/2, 2nd Floor

11th Cross Malleshwaram

Bangalore – 560003

Ph: +91 97429 49370 (10.30am to 6pm)

9 thoughts on “The IndyaKaleidoscope Design Studio”

  1. Sudha

    Awesome. And breathtaking. Stay blessed

    • Preethi

      Thank you Sudha, for being there always 🙂

  2. Jaya Christina

    Super it all looks.. All the best Preeti

  3. Alifia

    Yaaay! Lovely lovely!

  4. Akhila

    Wow! I love your products & have been coveting a few for years! Would love to drop in when I am in Bangalore this holiday

    • Preethi

      Hi Akhila,
      Please do come over, its been a while we had some good company 🙂

  5. Swathi

    And you have moved to one of my most favourite (rather ‘the fav’) area in Bengaluru. Must visit now. 🙂

  6. Vasudha S

    Lovely. It has all the products that I love.